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Solar Installers Near Me: Find the Best Solar Installation Company Near Me

Solar Installation Company Near Me

Solar power is clean, pure, energy from the sun.  The sun’s brilliance can be used to generate energy, provide light and heat water. Solar power is a clean, renewable energy source.  Solar power is an efficient way to offset energy costs, especially if tax credits and rebates are available. A solar power system can help combat greenhouse gas emissions by decreasing dependence on fossil fuel, thus lessening a home’s environmental impact.

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Here Are the Best Solar Panel Installation Companies Near Me in the U.S:

1. Sunrun:  Editor’s Choice

2. Tesla Energy:  Progressive Technology

3. SunPower:  High Quality

Vivint Solar: Great variety of products

5. SunPro Solar: Top Notch

6. Unbound Solar: Positive Environmental Impact

7. Zenernet: Award Winner

8.  Blue Raven Solar:  Top Customer Reviews

9. Palmetto Solar: Reimagined Solar Power

10. Elevation Solar:  Great Up and Comers

The United States has an abundance of solar resources; solar power is accessible and prevalent throughout our sunny country.  Continue reading to find an excellent solar installation company near you in the United States.

Let’s take an in-depth look at the Top 10 solar power installation companies near you in the U.S. who can help start your solar power journey:

1. Sunrun: Editor’s Choice

Sunrun Solar Installers

In a nutshell: Sunrun is the largest residential installer of solar power systems in the U.S. This behemoth company is located in 23 states and Puerto Rico. Sunrun’s mission is to “create a planet run by the sun”.

Yay: A plus for Sunrun is they finance and maintain systems for customers leasing equipment. The company pioneered the concept of “solar as a service” which enabled customers to buy the actual power, rather than the panels.  For many interested customers, solar power purchase agreements with minimal up-front costs and flexible payment options are appealing. Sunrun provides high-efficiency panels from top solar suppliers. They offer a backup battery option, and a 10-year comprehensive warranty. 

Nay: Sunrun’s large size is both its strength and weakness. While efficiency of installation is recognized by customers, concerns are reported with customer service. A nay of the lease concept is homeowners are not eligible for incentives or tax credits. Another concern is Sunrun has a slightly higher initial cost compared to other installers, who have to lower their prices to compete with Sunrun. 

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2. Tesla Energy: Progressive Technology

Tesla Solar Energy

In a nutshell:  Tesla Energy’s mission is “to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy”.   As one of the nation’s largest solar panel installers, Tesla Energy is fulfilling its mission of helping the world transition to sustainable energy; with state-of-the-art solar roof and solar panel systems.

Yay:  The design and functionality of Tesla Energy’s solar roofs and panels are appealing because they blend into a roof. Back up batteries are included with each system.  Tesla Energy’s roof panels are reported to be three times stronger than traditional solar panels. The solar panels come with a 25-year panel performance and a 10-year comprehensive warranty. 

Nay: While Tesla Energy’s customer rating is considered very good, some customers have experienced multiple installation delays. High up-front costs are a nay, although Tesla Energy offers a price match guarantee. 

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3. SunPower:  High Quality

SunPower Solar Installer

In a nutshell:  SunPower’s goal is to “change the way our world is powered”. The company has worked towards the goal for almost 40 years and is a leader in the solar energy market

Yay: SunPower is available in all 50 states. SunPower is efficient and affordable. It is known for high quality and efficient solar panels. Backup power storage is available through its SunVault system. Components are from a single manufacturer and the system is easy to install. SunPower offers a 25-year warranty on any repairs or replacements. 

Nay:  Some SunPower customers have had issues with customer service, specifically regarding repairs. They do not offer PPA’s for residential clients, although they have a variety of financing options. 

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4. Vivint Solar: Great variety of products

Vivint solar installers

In a nutshell: Vivant Solar is considered a top solar company in the United States. The company has had massive growth since 2011 and is currently available in 22 states.

Yay: Vivant Solar is a full-service provider with custom designed solar panel systems. The company offers a great selection of products including black on black monocrystalline LG solar panels and LG Chem and Tesla Powerwall backup battery options. Vivant Solar’s mission is to “provide homeowners with simple and affordable energy”.  Vivant Solar has a 25-year performance warranty and a 10-year workmanship warranty

Nay:  Vivant Solar’s growth occurred partly because of their sales model of door to door commissioned sales. While many reviews indicated overall customer satisfaction, some Vivant Solar reviews report poor customer service, lack of follow through and misleading advertising  in which customers signed contracts they regretted.  

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5. SunPro Solar: Top Notch

SunPro Solar Installer

In a nutshell:  SunPro Solar is a leader in residential solar panel installation.  The company is detail oriented in its consultation, design and installation process.

Yay:  SunPro Solar has reliable installation and excellent customer service reviews. They offer a 25-year comprehensive warranty with guaranteed panel power production. The system comes with 24/7 monitoring.

Nay: SunPro is only available in 21 states. The company does not provide online estimates

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6. Unbound Solar (formerly Wholesale Solar): Positive Environmental Impact

Unbound Solar

In a nutshell:  Originally founded in 1992 as Wholesale Solar, the company rebranded in 2020 with the name Unbound Solar. They now have a wide range of residential solar products. This 100 percent employee-owned company operates domestically out of the Pacific Northwest. The company is dedicated to making a positive environmental impact.

Yay:  The vision of Unbound Solar is “do it your way” which describes the company’s goal of working with customers to design a solar system specific to each customer’s needs. Customers can mix and match components from various manufacturers.  They sell individual solar panels from some of the best brands available.

 They do not offer bulk discounts when purchasing several panels simultaneously. They are not a full-service solar company and do not offer any professional installation services. 

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7. Zenernet: Award Winner

Zenernet Solar Installer

In a nutshell- Zenernet’s business model prioritizes expanding solar power to more consumers. This is accomplished via an award-winning consultation to determine each households’ energy needs, best system design and multiple choices of equipment. Zenernet believes it can accelerate energy independence for more consumers based on this model.

Yay: Zenernet has a record of positive reviews from customers, including installation timeliness, work quality and overall excellent customer service. One unique aspect of Zenernet is they offer modular pricing, which allows the customer to design the best system for their needs and select the best priced components.  Huge experience, the company is 35-year old.  Zenernet offers multiple financing options as well. 

Nay: Zenernet is only available in limited states. Leasing a system from Zenernet is not an option due to the company’s belief that consumers suffer from a more expensive and constrictive product. Reviews have indicated reports of broken or damaged roof shingles. 

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8. Blue Raven Solar: Top Customer Reviews

 Blue Raven Solar Installer

In a nutshell:  Blue Raven Solar receives excellent customer reviews and offers flexible financing options.
Yay: The company provides a user-friendly online estimator. Blue Raven Solar has an 18-month interest free financing program which allows customers to pay an estimated one third of their system by the end of the 18 months.

Nay: Blue Raven Solar is only available in 17 states.  The company does not offer a lease or PPA option. Some customers have reported problems with the company handling permits correctly. 

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9. Palmetto Solar: Reimagined Solar Power

Palmetto Solar Installer

In a nutshell:  Palmetto Solar has been able to bring exclusive technologies into their company. They make buying and purchasing solar panels easy and affordable. 

Yay:  Palmetto Solar hopes to “lead the world towards a clean energy future”.  The company has been offering end-to-end solar solutions since 2011. They have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and offer committed customer service. The company assists with permitting.  The company offers a 25-year warranty and an additional protection plan. Palmetto Solar invests in organizations combating climate change.

Nay: Unfortunately, Palmetto Solar does not provide financing information on its website. They charge a fee for active monitoring and do not offer a free energy consultation. The company is only available in 23 states. 

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10. Elevation Solar: Great Up and Comers

Elevation Solar Energy

In a nutshell: Elevation Solar is a fast-growing, fully integrated, residential solar company which was established in 2014.  The company offers brand name solar panels including Panasonic, Q Cells, LG and REC.

Yay: Elevation Solar was awarded the Contractor of the Year Award in 2019 from the United States Department of Energy.  The company offers free consultations which include a home assessment and a review of utility bills. Elevation Solar offers a lifetime warranty on workmanship and a 10-year warranty for roof penetrations.

Nay: Elevation Solar is available in very limited states. Although Elevation Solar does not provide pricing on their website, they do have a price-match guarantee. 

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How to Find the Best Solar Installers Near Me?

Solar panels are a large investment and their installation should be completed by a licensed professional familiar with solar panel installation.  Below are some of the important qualities to look for in a solar installer.

  • Use an experienced company with appropriate certifications. It is important to find an installation company with the experience required to fit the needs of your project.
  • Make sure the installation company has adequate insurance and certifications. Make sure the solar panel installer has adequate bonding insurance and certifications. Certain states require specific certifications such as through North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) or Solar Rating Certification Corporation (SRCC). 
  • Pick a company with online presence and positive customer reviews. It’s important to be able to research a solar installer online and get as much information about the company, their equipment and to be able to review prior work. Review customer reviews and pay attention to the customer service department. 
  • Choose a company with financing and maintenance options.  Since solar panels are a big investment, reputable companies provide financing and maintenance options with low interest rates, reasonable qualifications, minimal money down and competitive pricing. 

It is exciting to think of all the benefits of solar energy when considering a switch to solar energy. 

 Why do people switch to solar energy?

There are myriad reasons people switch to solar energy. Below are some of the more tantalizing motives. 

  • Reduce or eliminate energy bills. Research from 2021 calculated the average annual electricity use of a typical American family was $1500.00 per year; with energy rates expected to increase annually. Solar panels can negate enough to eliminate an electrical bill.  The average home can save approximately $10,000 to $30,000 over the life of the solar power system.
  • Live more environmentally conscious.  Changing to solar power decreases reliance on fossil fuel and reduces the amount of pollution in the environment. Solar power contains no harmful by products or destructive pollutants and lets people feel they are doing their part to protect the environment. 
  • Increases a home’s value. Switching to solar is an excellent investment because it adds value to a home. Research from the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy indicates an average sized solar power system can increase a home’s value approximately $15,000. 

Once you decide to switch to solar energy, it is important to choose the right solar installer.

Choosing a Solar Installer Near Me: What to Expect:

The decision to install solar panels is a journey. Once the decision to invest in solar panels is made, the next step is choosing a solar installer.

  • Decide which installer is best to buy solar panels from. Set priorities whether it is the lowest price, most well respected, best customer reviews, ongoing maintenance, energy production, financing options, or some other factor important to you. 
  • Choose a fully certified solar professional.  A solar installer who is bonded, insured and certified is important.  Equally important is they have a professional crew and are upfront about who performs the installations. 
  • Make sure the actual construction professionals are trained. The actual workers installing the solar panels should be trained and familiar with local regulations. Ask the ratio of certified professionals versus installation laborers. 

There are pluses and minuses to using a local installation company. 

What are the Pluses and Minuses of Using an Installation Company Near Me?

There are pros and cons of using a local solar installation company versus a national company. Here are the pluses of using a local company. 

  • Awareness of local solar regulations. A local solar installation company has in depth knowledge of local solar policies, laws and local utility company information. 
  • Work directly with customers. A local company has more of an opportunity for face-to-face interactions and home visits with customers and to provide positive customer service.
  • More flexibility in design deviation. Local companies are more responsive to specific design needs of an individual home solar system and are able to communicate more directly than national companies. 

The benefit of using a national solar installer is the company might have more resources available and economy of scale, although they don’t always have the lowest price. Larger installers have more projects, although it does not necessary mean they are more experienced or skilled. Plus, national companies sometimes hire local subcontractors to do the installation work. 

FAQ: Solar installers near me

How to choose a solar installers company near me? Which one is the best?

There are several aspects to consider when choosing a solar installer company. Some of the qualities to look for include the installer’s expertise; certifications and licensing; reputation; ratings; customer reviews; workmanship; warranty; and of course, a competitive price. If all factors are equal, the best choice is the solar installer nearby which you like and trust.  

What is the average cost for the solar installation company near me?

Multiple factors determine the cost of solar installation such as the size of the system, component options, labor costs, permitting costs and available tax credits and incentives.  Solar panel system costs are measured in dollars per watts, with the average residential system $3-5 per watt. The average 5-kW residential system is between $15,000 to $20,000, prior to tax credits or incentives. 

Are there any tax benefits? Rebates? And other financial government aid?

There is an Investment Tax Credit available for solar energy investment. There is a 26% tax credit available for systems installed in 2022, and a 22% tax credit for systems installed in 2023. There are also solar incentives offered at the state and local levels which a homeowner might be eligible for. Common government incentives include tax credits, state government and local utility rebates, and renewable energy certificates. 

What size of solar panel system should I get?

The typical family uses 11,000 kWh per year and is estimated to require between 26 and 34 solar panels to address the entirety of the electric bill. The exact number of panels is influenced by location, roof size, panel efficiency, and energy usage. The average residential installation is 3 kW to 10 kW. 

What are the different types of solar panels?

There are four types of solar panels.

  • Polycrystalline Solar Panels: Lower efficiency and performance, although less expensive. 
  • Monocrystalline Solar Panels:  High efficiency and performance and higher costs.  
  • Thin Film Solar Panels: Lower efficiency and performance, however less expensive and can be manufactured into shingles. 
  • Solar Roof Shingles: The newest solar panel choice is solar roof shingles, durable and resemble a shingle roof. 

What are the solar power system components?

A solar power system has five primary components. 

  1. Solar Panels: The solar panels absorb the sun’s energy and converts it to electricity. 
  2. Inverter: The inverter converts direct current electricity collected from the solar panels to alternating current energy which is what the grid and appliances in a home run on. 
  3. Electrical Panel: The solar system is connected to an electrical panel in a home to distribute energy as needed. 
  4. Racking: Solar panels are secured by a foundational structure called a racking system. 
  5. Solar Batteries: In order to store usable energy, a battery bank is necessary. 

How long does it usually take to mount the system? 

The time frame to install a solar power system depends in part of the size of the home and the design. The actual mounting of the system generally is thought to take between one to three days if the installation team is experienced and professional. 

How Long does the system really last?

Generally, a high quality, professionally installed solar system can last up to 25 years, which is the length of many solar panel warranties. The industry standard life span is 25 to 30 years with longevity increasing with improved technology.  

How to find reputable solar installers near me?

Finding a respected, local, solar installer requires research.

  • Talk to neighbors. Ask other people who have had solar installed what their experience was with a specific installation company. 
  • Make sure installers are accredited. Request proof of insurance, bonding, and certification from an installation company. 
  • Get a few quotes. Compare estimates of different installation companies and also get a feel for the company. 
  • Research the solar installers: Check online reviews, references, and previous projects. 

Brass tack, how much can I save with my solar panel system?

When looking at the bottom line, it’s important to recognize the multidimensional savings which go beyond electricity bills. The brass tack savings depends on how much energy the solar power system is producing. An average solar power set up produces around 350 to 850 kWh per month. The average home uses 909 kWh of electricity per month, so a solar power system can save 90% on a monthly electric bill.  

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Finding Top Solar Installers near me – Conclusion

The United States has a multitude of top solar installers in various locations across the country. Investing in a solar power system is a big decision which requires research and commitment. Once the decision is made, it is important to choose a trustworthy installation company who is professional and certified.  Hopefully, you will be able to bask in your decision to journey to harness the sun’s incredible energy.