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Charging On the Go: Unveiling the 7 Best Solar Powered Backpacks

Review of the best solar powered backpacks available today

In an age where technology is a constant companion, the need for portable power is ever-increasing. Solar-powered backpacks are a brilliant innovation that addresses this need, allowing adventurers, students, and commuters alike to charge their devices on the go. These backpacks incorporate solar panels that harness the energy of the sun, converting it into electricity that is stored in an integrated battery or used directly to power mobile devices. It’s a sustainable alternative that taps into the renewable resource of solar energy, reducing reliance on conventional power sources.

In choosing the best solar-powered backpack, consumers should consider the efficiency of the solar panels, the storage capacity of the included battery—if any—and the durability of the backpack material. The efficiency of the solar panels will determine how quickly devices can be charged. Meanwhile, the battery’s capacity will dictate how much power can be stored for later use. Backpack features such as size, number of compartments, and weight are also important for determining how practical the backpack will be in everyday situations.

Our thorough examination of various solar-powered backpacks in the market leads us to recommend options that not only meet high standards in solar efficiency and capacity but also excel in comfort and usability. We recognize that a superior solar backpack should serve as more than just a portable charger; it should also be a reliable accessory for daily activities or travel. With this in mind, we’ve identified top contenders that stand out in both innovation and practicality.

Top Solar-Powered Backpacks

As technology advances, we find innovative ways to merge eco-friendliness with convenience. Solar-powered backpacks are an excellent example, allowing us to charge our devices on the go while tapping into sustainable solar energy. We’ve researched and tested a variety of models to bring you our top picks, ensuring that every option is efficient, durable, and reliable for your everyday needs. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, a busy student, or a commuter, our selection caters to all lifestyles, offering the perfect blend of functionality and renewable energy use.

ection points could benefit from more protection to ensure everything remains dry and operational in wetter conditions.

Voltaic Array Rapid Charger

Solar panel integrated into a backpack design

Our team finds this backpack to be a reliable companion for keeping our devices charged during outdoor adventures.


  • Integrated battery pack enables device charging even without direct sunlight
  • Constructed with rugged materials for durability
  • Storage capacity and organized compartments are ideal for tech-savvy travelers


  • Heavier than standard backpacks due to the solar components
  • Solar charging may be limited on cloudy days or in low-light conditions
  • Premium pricing compared to traditional backpacks

In our recent excursion into the great outdoors, we were thoroughly impressed by Voltaic Array Rapid Charger’s seamless integration of solar technology and practical backpack design. It became our go-to gear for powering devices on the move. The convenience of having solar panels directly on the bag meant our phones and cameras remained charged throughout our adventure – a real game changer when far from power outlets.

We appreciated the robust construction, which stood up well to the rigors of travel. The materials used also speak volumes about the brand’s commitment to sustainability, by incorporating recycled PET fabrics, they’re not just offering a solution to keep our gadgets powered, but are also doing so in an eco-conscious way.

While the added functionality of the solar panels does increase the bag’s weight, we found the trade-off worth it for the utility it provides. However, we did notice that the charging capability is significantly impacted by weather conditions, which is an important consideration for those who frequent overcast environments.

In summary, the Voltaic Array Rapid Charger is a solid choice for individuals in need of a reliable solar charging solution while on the move. It’s designed to cater to the needs of modern-day adventurers who value both function and sustainability.

Festi Solar Pack

Charging devices with a solar backpack is awesome way to travel

We found this pack to be a game-changer for our outdoor jaunts, offering hydration and power on the go.


  • Eco-friendly charging source with quick charge capability
  • Comfortable design and light weight make for an easy carry
  • Water-resistant construction protects gear and electronics


  • Limited storage capacity may not suffice for longer trips
  • Narrow side pockets restrict the size of additional water bottles
  • Charging performance may drop in less-than-ideal sunlight conditions

Toting the Festi Solar Pack through the wilderness, we admired the way it bridged modern conveniences with outdoor adventures. The integrated solar panel impressed us, not only because it’s environmentally friendly, but it kept our devices charged even during prolonged treks. Especially useful was the quick charge feature, giving our smartphones a boost from 0 to 100% in mere hours under direct sunlight—a lifesaver when we needed to stay connected or use GPS apps.

Comfort was another highlight. The raised foam back design allowed for continuous airflow, minimizing sweat during hikes or bike rides. The bag’s straps were a breeze to adjust, and no matter the terrain, the lightweight build meant we barely felt it on our backs. From summit climbs to leisurely forest walks, it stayed snug and secure without any digging into shoulders.

However, it’s not without its limitations. The 13L capacity seemed a tad restrictive, making it necessary for us to pack wisely. Larger items and additional gear that we might carry on longer treks would have to be left behind. And while the side pockets held the provided hydration bladder fine, they weren’t the best fit for some of the wider bottles we usually carry.

Despite these minor grips, our tech stayed dry thanks to the water-resistant nylon material—even when we got caught in a light drizzle. Plus, the durability of the design means we’re confident it will accompany us on many more excursions. The Festi Solar Pack has become a staple for our outdoor festivals and day hikes, and we’d recommend it for anyone in need of a reliable, eco-friendly charge, and hydration while exploring the great outdoors.

ECEEN Solar Backpack

Backpack with built-in solar charger is an ingenious device

We believe this ECEEN Solar Backpack is a solid choice for those in need of portable power and ample storage during outdoor activities.


  • Collapsible design enhances portability
  • Detachable solar charger for flexibility
  • Light enough for all-day comfort


  • Some durability concerns
  • Straps may lack adequate comfort
  • Charging capability inconsistent

On my recent weekend hike, our ECEEN Solar Backpack proved to be a handy companion. Its compact foldable design let us stash it in our larger camping gear effortlessly. Pulling it out when needed, we appreciated how it unfolded into a full-size backpack without a hitch.

The solar charger impressed us with its detachability, allowing us to power up devices even when the backpack was not on our shoulders. As we walked under the sun, our phones remained charged, granting us peace of mind and connectivity throughout the journey.

We noticed, however, the material felt a tad too thin, casting some doubts on the backpack’s long-term resilience. This was felt especially in rougher terrains where ruggedness is a virtue. In addition, the straps weren’t the pinnacle of comfort, a bit of a miss on ECEEN’s part, as all-day treks demand better ergonomics.

The charging proficiency varied as well. There were moments, particularly on cloudier days, when the solar panels seemed less effective. Yet, when the sun was generous, our gadgets soaked up the power without fuss.

All told, our experience tells us the ECEEN Solar Backpack is suitable for occasional hikers and outdoor enthusiasts who value lightness and solar power convenience over heavy-duty wear and tear.

Voltaic OffGrid Solar Backpack

Solar-powered backpack for outdoor enthusiasts is a must

We think this robust solar backpack could be an indispensable travel companion, offering both power and storage on the move.


  • Provides rapid charging with a high-performance solar panel
  • Packed with convenient storage options and a dedicated laptop sleeve
  • Rugged and durable construction, backed by a 2-year warranty


  • The price point might be steep for casual users
  • Micro USB connectivity could be limiting for some modern devices
  • Solar efficiency can vary significantly with weather conditions

The Voltaic OffGrid Solar Backpack immediately stands out for its sleek design and solid construction. We’ve been able to count on its monocrystalline solar panels to keep our devices topped up. Charging our smartphones has been quite efficient, taking about 3.5 hours for a full charge in direct sunlight, which feels swift for a solar-charging solution.

We appreciate the thoughtful design that goes beyond charging capabilities. The backpack sports a sizable compartment that comfortably holds our laptop and tablet, with additional space for cables and accessories. The dedicated compartments come in handy for organizing our gear, making it accessible when we’re on the go.

Another virtue worth noting is the build quality of this backpack. It’s apparent that Voltaic Systems designed this for the long haul. The solar panels, as well as the fabric, can withstand the rigors of everyday use, which brings us peace of mind, especially when we’re out on longer trips. The 2-year warranty also reassures us that the company stands behind their product’s durability. Despite the premium price tag, we’ve found that the benefits it delivers are well worth the investment for anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors or on the move.

ECEEN Hiking Solar Backpack

ECEEN Hiking Solar Backpack is a wonderful option

We found this pack to be a trusty companion on our treks, offering a seamless blend of functionality and eco-friendly charging options.


  • Efficient solar charging for keeping devices powered up in the great outdoors
  • Ergonomic and breathable design minimizes strain and maximizes airflow across the back
  • Multi-compartment storage with a capacious main area and separate pockets for organization


  • The solar panel is not built-in, potentially adding to the bulk during travel
  • Depending on your build, the chest strap can possibly be a bit restrictive
  • It may not be suitable for extended, heavy-duty expeditions

Embarking on a sunlit trail, we appreciated how the ECEEN hiking backpack kept our gadgets juiced up using its foldable solar panel. With its smart charging capability, we never worried about running out of phone battery while capturing the scenic vistas with our cameras or GPS devices. The panel’s foldability also meant packing it away was a snap when the sun ducked behind the clouds.

Comfort-wise, the backpack was a breath of fresh air – literally. The external frame and mesh back-panel encouraged a steady breeze between the pack and our backs, preventing the usual clamminess after hours on the move. This thoughtful design also spread the load more equitably, sparing our shoulders from undue stress and letting us focus on the hike, not the haul.

Storage was another of this pack’s strengths. With its spacious main compartment and dedicated pouches for various gear, including a separate shoe compartment, we found a spot for everything. This compartmentalization was a boon for efficiency and convenience, especially when our journey involved frequent stops and starts. Plus, the numerous external hooks and straps made lugging along extra equipment like sleeping bags a cinch.

Despite its sterling qualities, it’s worth mentioning that the backpack might not be as robust as some might need for extreme or prolonged adventures. However, for most hikers and casual explorers, the ECEEN backpack is a stout-hearted ally under the sun.

Outdoor Mountaineer Backpack

Outdoor Mountaineer solar powered Backpack will get the job done

We found that the Outdoor Mountaineer Backpack is a game-changer for active tech users who crave a reliable power source in the wild.


  • Solar panel keeps devices charged without needing an outlet.
  • Multiple pockets offer organized storage for tech gear.
  • Comfortable design suited for prolonged use during outdoor activities.


  • Solar charging is dependent on the presence of adequate sunlight.
  • Durability might be a concern for extreme outdoor conditions.
  • The backpack’s hefty price could be a drawback for budget-conscious shoppers.

Just recently during a weekend hike, we admired the Outdoor Mountaineer Backpack’s blending of function and comfort. Its 40L capacity proved ample for our gear, and despite a full load, the well-padded straps kept our shoulders strain-free. Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, the flexible solar panel allowed us to keep our devices charged as we soaked in the beauty of nature.

Every hiker knows the dread of a dying phone. On cloudless days, this backpack’s solar panel innovation is pure brilliance, maintaining our lifelines to civilization. Its compartments are a boon for organization; securing a spot for every gadget ensured nothing was a miss when we needed it. Our cameras and phones were always ready to capture breathtaking moments without fuss.

Yet adventures aren’t without their unpredictability. On overcast trails, the solar panel’s performance naturally dipped. While this backpack’s build is rugged, those of us navigating harsher terrains might hesitate. Moreover, price considerations might steer the budget-aware to look for alternative options.

In sum, the Outdoor Mountaineer Backpack pairs solar tech with trekking needs, resonating with our connected lifestyle amidst nature’s escapades.

FlexSolar Mini Chargers

FlexSolar Mini Chargers is an awesome little solution for your outdoor travels

We found these solar chargers to be a game-changer for outdoor enthusiasts, providing a dependable power source without adding extra weight.


  • Impressively lightweight and highly portable
  • Efficient energy conversion from quality monocrystalline cells
  • Proven durability with a waterproof design suitable for outdoor use


  • Lack of an internal battery means no power storage capability
  • On overcast days, charging performance may dip
  • The USB connector could benefit from better waterproofing features

On our last hiking trip, we brought along the FlexSolar Mini Chargers. Their slim profile made it nearly unnoticeable in our packs, yet they performed solidly every time we needed to juice up our gadgets. Hanging it from our backpack with the included carabiners was a cinch, allowing it to soak up the sun while we trekked.

The energy conversion efficiency caught our attention. Despite their compact size, these chargers turned sunlight into charging power with commendable speed. On one sunny afternoon, we topped up our phones while enjoying a break near a summit, which came in handy for using GPS and snapping photos without the fear of a dead battery.

The waterproof design was tested during an unexpected shower. We were relieved to find our chargers unscathed and functioning perfectly after the clouds cleared. However, we did notice that the USB connection points could benefit from more protection to ensure everything remains dry and operational in wetter conditions.

Buying Guide

Importance of Solar Panel Efficiency

When we select a solar-powered backpack, the efficiency of the solar panels is crucial. High-efficiency panels convert more sunlight into electrical energy, providing more power to charge our devices.

Battery Capacity

We must consider the battery capacity, which is measured in milliampere-hours (mAh). A larger capacity means the backpack can store more energy, allowing us to charge our devices multiple times.


The material of the backpack should be durable and weather-resistant to protect our electronics and solar panels from damage. We look for backpacks made from high-quality, sturdy materials such as nylon or polyester.

Portability and Comfort

The backpack should be lightweight and have comfortable straps, as we will be carrying it for extended periods. We check for padding on the straps and back panel, as well as the overall weight of the backpack.

Panel EfficiencyHigher efficiency for better sunlight conversion
Battery CapacityMeasured in mAh; higher for longer use
MaterialDurable, weather-resistant materials like nylon
ComfortLightweight, padded straps and back panel

Extra Features

We also take note of any additional features such as USB ports, LED indicators, integrated locks, and multiple compartments. These can enhance the backpack’s functionality and convenience.

Price vs. Performance

Finally, we balance the cost against the backpack’s features and efficiency. We aim for the best value, where the price aligns with the backpack’s performance and build quality, without paying for unnecessary extras.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we address some of the most common inquiries about solar-powered backpacks, focusing on their performance, features, and specific models that stand out in the market.

How do solar-powered backpacks perform in various weather conditions?

Solar-powered backpacks harness sunlight to generate power, hence their efficiency peaks under direct sunlight. On overcast or rainy days, power generation will be reduced but not entirely halted, as most panels can still capture diffused sunlight to an extent.

What are the benefits of owning a military-grade solar backpack?

Military-grade solar backpacks offer enhanced durability and ruggedness, suitable for harsh environments. They typically come with higher quality, more efficient solar panels, and stronger fabrics, making them reliable in extreme conditions while providing consistent energy supply.

Can a solar panel attachment effectively convert a regular backpack into a solar charging solution?

Attaching a solar panel to a regular backpack can indeed transform it into a solar charging station. However, the efficacy heavily depends on the quality of the panel and its integration with the backpack to ensure maximum sunlight exposure and secure attachment.

What features distinguish the ECEEN Solar Backpack from other solar backpacks?

The ECEEN Solar Backpack is recognized for its lightweight design and high-efficiency solar cells. The integration of a voltage stability controller differentiates it, ensuring the safe charging of electronic devices without fluctuating current.

How does the RuK Solar Backpack integrate solar technology for daily use?

The RuK Solar Backpack is designed for daily urban use with a sleek design incorporating solar panels that complement its professional look. It offers a balance of functionality and aesthetics, with multiple compartments that house and protect electronic devices while charging.

What sets the Voltaic Solar Backpack apart in terms of energy efficiency and device charging capabilities?

The Voltaic Solar Backpack boasts highly efficient solar panels that are capable of charging smartphones, tablets, and even laptops. It’s designed with ample storage and dedicated device compartments, and the panels come with a robust water-resistant coating, ensuring power provision in a variety of settings.


Solar powered backpacks represent a fusion of practicality and innovative technology. In selecting the best solar backpack, we’ve considered durability, charging capacity, and design to suit a variety of needs. We believe in adopting eco-friendly products that empower our adventures and daily commutes.

Key Takeaways:

  • Solar backpacks harness renewable energy, reducing reliance on conventional power sources.
  • They are equipped with multiple charging ports for devices, making them ideal for travelers and outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Quality materials and ergonomic design ensure that these backpacks are both comfortable and long-lasting.

Here’s a brief rundown:

  • Energy EfficiencyHarness the sun’s power
  • Connectivity: Stay connected on the go
  • Sustainability: Embrace an eco-conscious lifestyle

We invite you to experience the convenience of solar powered backpacks and make a positive impact on the environment. Embrace the change and choose a smarter way to travel and connect.