About the ManyOne Portal Service

ManyOne enables any individual, group or community to easily and simply build Web Portals with powerful authoring, publishing and community building tools. These portals may be as simple as a one-page personal web-site and as extensive as major Web portal with tens of thousands of web pages and thousands of members.

There are two Portal types to choose from:

  • Personal Portals, which include sophisticated web authoring and publishing tools, including articles, blogs, news stories, events, links, images galleries and slideshows.                               

  • Community Portals, which include all the functionality of Personal Portals, plus a robust publishing workflow and the ability to assign content contributor, publishing and portal administration roles to members of the portal.

In addition, each registered ManyOne user (whether or not they create a portal) receives their own free ManyOne My Account, which features powerful messaging, social networking, calendaring, content tracking and bookmarking tools.

A partial list of features included in the current release may be found on the

To learn more what ManyOne offers, please watch the

About ManyOne Networks, Inc.

ManyOne is building the Public Internet Media System — a service that empowers non-profits, companies, groups and individuals to build and operate self-sustaining Community and Personal Portals, including the creation and operation of Portal Networks (for a an overview of the ManyOne Portal Network strategy and model, please review the accompanying News Release ).

ManyOne’s mission is to provide the platform and business infrastructure enabling values-conscious people and organizations to connect, collaborate, and create “trusted portal networks,” with the shared system governed by policies set by world-renowned experts and honored civic leaders. For more information about ManyOne Networks, Inc., please visit our corporate web site.